A strategy built for you.

Our Approach

Our offerings combine these three elements to level you up on a topic. We aim to provision you with more than an academic understanding. Leave the course with new inspiration and connections to a cohort of professionals from around the world who are tackling the same challenges.

We deliver content featuring major dimensions of a topic in engaging ways. All content advances a core set of carefully curated learning objectives.

We aspire to create a learning community with each offering where you feel empowered to share your experience for everyone’s enrichment.

We feature thought leaders or tool providers who share their latest developments on the topic and address questions from participants.

Built on iDigBio’s professional development experience.

Deep experience with digitization and training.

Since its founding in 2012, iDigBio has offered over 100 training opportunities, and many involved the Digitization Academy’s core staff. iDigBio is the US National Science Foundation’s National Resource for Advancing Digitization of Biodiversity Collections and home to the Digitization Academy. The Digitization Academy offerings from iDigBio represent a standardized strategy for delivery of a subset of iDigBio’s training options to ensure that we have all high-value topics covered for you in complementary ways.

Connecting you with resources for success.

Courses like this one introduce you

to the people behind the projects.

What participants are saying.

Evaluations help us further refine our courses with each iteration.

Topics were discussed in great detail. The instructors were very helpful and enthusiastic in answering queries and sharing resources. The activities were practical in that the questions were centered around our individual research.

This was a really well-put-together class that took us through the various steps and details of a collection digitization project. Great use of technology, easy to follow, well documented, and well-thought exercises. I am a big fan of audience participation, and that was well done.

I have not worked with digitization before, and this taught me so many things I needed to learn and things I didn't even know I needed to think about.

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